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Fall. Oh how I could describe fall. The frigid air after months of  blazing hot, the red yellow and orange leaves that fall to the ground after losing their striking green, falling in love with the grey sky, or falling in love with someone else over coffee and a warm blazing fire. The spirit of Halloween and the faint taste of pumpkin from thanksgiving. The decorations the world provides, the green of the watered grass, the leaves that have fallen from the trees transitioning from the scorched lands of summer. The pool days we trade for movie nights under blankets. It’s hugs from ghosts and candy ridden kisses. Cold noses and warm hands, shorter time in the sun and longer lazy days in. Wide eyed and amazed year after year we take in the orange of the standard jack-o’-lantern and the warm feeling when you’re tired and full of turkey on thanksgiving night. The spirit of fall lies in the activities that make us laugh and feel connected. The hayrides and haunted houses, a cuddle after a chilly day and the smell of the early morning dew. Fall is all of this and more. Fall is a time when we celebrate differences, and when our differences come out to play.