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Dr. Bello’s belly button blossoms breath and blithe,

The swing it sends across my heart slashes as a scythe.

His navel knows nothing more than nothing short of none,

And drives a dent in dauntless doves that dance below the sun.


His cleanly kept cavity corrodes chemistry of heart;

His tummy trench contests treasure troves and museums full of art.

And the hairs above the belly hole that guard the naval’s glisten

Sing their serenade to anyone who’s there to listen.


His stomach crater flees furtively for fate that’s far from view,

But those who are blessed to see it claim it difracts every hue.

So when he gives his lectures, of which he has quite many,

I only have one thought in mind一is it an outie or an innie?



by Ian Benway

Fall of 2018