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Maybe telling someone something vital on Halloween isn’t a great idea. Especially when you tell a boy you like him at school. So, yeah, not the greatest idea. But that is exactly what 16-year-old Autumn Morrison had done. Her best friend had witnessed the whole thing and thought it was hilarious.  Autumn had been walking down the hall at the end of the day with her friend, Artemis, when she saw Oliver Hart at his locker. Artemis smiled and quickly walked over to Oliver and Autumn started calling her friends name quietly “Artemis! No, what are you doing?” Artemis ignored Autumn and proceeded to tap Oliver on the shoulder. Oliver turned around and smiled his smile that made Autumn feel different from every other girl. “Hey ‘Mis. Autumn. What’s up?” “Well me and Autumn were wondering if you wanted to come to a haunted house with us tonight. Autumn walked up at that point, because she had been lagging behind, and said to Oliver, her voice small.

“Well, not a haunted house, more like a party, but the theme is a haunted house. I’m going to shut up now.” Oliver smiled and said, “I’d love to.” “Oh, and Oliver…I like you,” Autumn blurted out and then covered her mouth with her hand. Oliver just walked away and Artemis was doubled over in silent laughter. “Good going ‘Mun.”


“Hey ‘Mis, where’s Autumn?” Oliver yelled over the noise of the music and Artemis pointed to where Autumn, dressed as a Greek goddess, stood. “Thanks!” he yelled, walking over to Autumn. When he got there she set her drink down and meant to slip away, but Oliver grabbed her wrist and spoke in her ear so she could hear him.

“For what it’s worth, I like you too.”