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As a little introduction, this is the first of a new weekly post I’ll be sharing every weekend. I plan to include a variety of content including my own creative writing, others’ writing that I find interesting or insightful, news that is relevant to myself or others, and other items of note.

My Work:

Haiku, upon hiking at Greenleaf State Park:

Little flow long dry

Made alive again by us

Crossing to explore

Haiku, upon seeing a group of wilting flowers on the first day of autumn:

These fading flowers

Made more beautiful by death

Mem’ry unblemished


Others’ Work:

An Ancient Greek Proverb:

A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.


BTW News:

Amri’ Littlejohn and Joshua Edwards were chosen as BTW’s Mr. and Miss Hornet.


Local News:

The Gathering Place is amazing, go visit: The Tulsa World

Jania Wester was selected to temporarily take the District 2 school board seat, which includes BTW!

Other News:

Google lets third parties read, and even share, your Gmail messages: The Wall Street Journal

Google workers considered altering the search engine to counter certain opinions and promote others in regard to Trump’s travel ban: The Wall Street Journal

The U.S. Continued to support Saudi Arabia, even as S.A. continues to exacerbate the worst global humanitarian crisis ever in Yemen, because of fears that it would impact billions of dollars in weapons sales: The Wall Street Journal