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Zaria Mangrum, interviewer and photographer for The Taliaferro Times, interviewed Josh Edwards about his Mr. Hornet nomination. He discusses the meaning of Mr. Hornet and how he hopes he is able to embody the ideal Mr. Hornet if nominated for the role.

Zaria: What does success mean to you?

Joshua: Success is more than materialistic gains. To me, success is a person’s symbol of growth. It shows their obstacles and how they conquered them.

Z: What values are important to you as a student and as a potential Mr. Hornet?

J: As your potential Mr. Hornet, I value God, family, and self confidence. I feel if these three things are tied together with God, you will have a loving family. With support from your family, you gain self confidence.

Z: What activities and clubs are you interested in?

J: Good Vibes Only Club, the T-Connection band, Men of Power, Student Council, class board, African-American Society, Young Life, and the Juice Radio. Each one of these clubs built the Joshua you guys know today and they elevated me in all aspects of my life.

Z: Have you ever thought about becoming a candidate for Mr. Hornet prior to last week? Why or why not?

J: Yes and no. I’ve always envisioned the possibility of being nominated, but I never thought I would actually be a nominee! I want to possibly earn this title based off my genuine aroma. I feel as if things on this honorary level should organic and heartfelt; I just want my peers to truly believe in me and to see the great qualities within me.

Z: Who or what do you look up to as a role model or an idol?

J: I look up to one of our notable alumni, DeMarco Morgan.

Z: What advice can you give to your fellow Booker T. peers for a successful high school career?

J: To my fellow Booker T. Washington peers, to have a successful high school career you must stay optimistic! High school will have its ups and downs but it is up to you to stay encouraged and hopeful. Your current situation will never determine your future, your mindset does.