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Amidst the elections for Mr and Miss Hornet, Taliaferro Times interviewer and writer Shateryn Lampkin had the opportunity to speak with Cassidy Chase, a nominee for this school year’s elections. She was able to ask her questions about how she felt about her nomination, and how she feels about Booker T and its student body.

Shateryn: Hi! Thank you so much for doing this! Here’s my first question: How did you feel when you were first nominated for Miss Hornet

Cassidy: When I was first nominated for Miss Hornet, I felt totally shocked and nervous, but once around the other nominees, I felt so happy and blessed to be apart of something so rich in tradition

S: Great answer! Why do you think your peers nominated you?

C: I think my peers nominated me because of my honest love for the school and how I show it. I also believe my peers nominated me because I present myself in a positive manner always.

S: How do you think your reaction would be if you won?

C: I’m pretty sure I’d just stand/sit there in complete shock and probably cry because it would mean so much to me.

S: If you win Miss Hornet, do you think it would open up opportunities for you and why?

C: I believe if I won Miss Hornet that opportunities would open up for me because being the title that it is, you’re respected and holding such a high title shows that you’re loyal, which again, people respect.

S: What characteristics should a potential Miss Hornet portray?

C: I believe a potential Miss Hornet should be a kind, social, determined, and outgoing individual who would do anything for their school peers and community.

S: Do you think you display the characteristics of an ideal Miss Hornet?

C: Yes!

S: What is something you want the students of BTW to know about you when they’re voting?

C: I want the students of BTW to know that I am a friendly/ accepting person that they can always talk to. I want the best for my peers and school!

S: Lastly… What does Miss Hornet mean to you?

C: Miss Hornet to me means an honor, even to be nominated, and joy to know that my peers trust me to be in this position! I love Booker T!