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date: 2018-09-07 author: Ian Benway name: Ian Benway description: "A poem" tags: ["creative-writing"] title: "An Ode to Mr. Hames"

An ode to Mr. Hames, From whom all beauty frames. Tall and slender like trees deciduous. Charismatic as if Odysseus. With eyes as blue as crystal seas, He breathes with force like morning breeze His skin like leather, He speaks like spring. His face: a feather. His words: a king.

To Mr. Hames, From whom all poise frames, Your voice is crisp like winter air. Your words are left to mind’s affair. The clinging and clanging of cough drops Against your teeth never stops. The noise, The touch, The view.

Of Mr. Hames, From whom all teaching frames. I see the words you say aloud; I feel the notes you’ve endowed. And, though I’ve tried my very best, I can’t quite seem to pass your tests. But your concepts lie forevermore In us, from out to core.

For Mr. Hames, From whom all stature frames, You teach us lots on chemistry. Though what I’ll use it for, I can’t see But when I find I’ll need it most, To you, and only you, I will toast.

by Ian Benway

September 7th, 2018.

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