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Re-organize build scripts, update readme, change git url to sourcehut
Update gitignore to exclude DS_store files
Last day of school alert: rebuilding site Wed Apr  8 14:18:02 CDT 2020.
Functioning alert bar: rebuilding site Sun Apr  5 22:55:37 CDT 2020.
Beginning of Netlify CMS, more: rebuilding site Sun Apr  5 21:03:43 CDT 2020.
Re-format info above images: rebuilding site Sat Apr  4 00:41:13 CDT 2020.
Added pandoc functionality, table of contents: rebuilding site Sat Apr  4 00:00:00 CDT 2020.
Updates for coronavirus; status page link in footer: rebuilding site Fri Apr  3 10:49:38 CDT 2020.
Fix git commit links.: rebuilding site Thu Apr  2 16:37:27 CDT 2020.
Attempt to fix width of font awesome icons; clean css and js folders of old files.: rebuilding site Thu Apr  2 15:39:22 CDT 2020.
rebuilding site Thu Apr  2 15:14:39 CDT 2020: Add hashtags to jumbotron tags.
rebuilding site Thu Apr  2 15:13:04 CDT 2020: Re-design post information section at bottom of single pages.
rebuilding site Thu Apr  2 14:06:39 CDT 2020: Index.
rebuilding site Thu Mar 26 19:39:43 CDT 2020: Remove all Old files due to change in Hugo version; update automatic scripts to point to SourceHut.
rebuilding site Wed Mar 25 19:30:34 CDT 2020: Updates to coronavirus page, make it new page, alias school-resources - full push.
rebuilding site Mon Feb 24 12:33:11 CST 2020: Add presidential endorsements.
rebuilding site Sun Feb  9 13:47:19 CST 2020: Fix navbar symbols showing up first.
rebuilding site Sat Feb  8 18:46:59 CST 2020: Additions to About page and bug fixes.