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Charter re-design
Re-organize build scripts, update readme, change git url to sourcehut
rebuilding site Thu Apr  2 14:06:39 CDT 2020: Index.
rebuilding site Thu Mar 26 19:39:43 CDT 2020: Remove all Old files due to change in Hugo version; update automatic scripts to point to SourceHut.
rebuilding site Sun Jan 26 21:53:39 CST 2020: Volume 97, Issue 5
Fixed one issue
rebuilding site Fri Jan  3 03:14:44 CST 2020: Smaller logo file
rebuilding site Wed Jan  1 19:35:10 CST 2020: Many additions
Many changes
rebuilding site Fri Dec 20 18:41:41 CST 2019: Fixed regressions in how trees of pages are created by adding _index.md to each content directory and making a custom index.html file for the homepage which uses .Site.RegularPages over list.html's .RegularPages which allows us to show every page on the site instead of only the section/taxonomy pages."
rebuilding site Tue Jun 18 15:40:42 CDT 2019: Added all the Mastodon stuff, new dialogs, etc.
rebuilding site Mon Jun 17 13:26:04 CDT 2019: Various important changes related to migrating Hugo site to root domain
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Initial commit