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D deploy-beta.sh
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@@ 1,74 0,0 @@
#! /bin/bash

# This is a script which, when run on Mac or Linux, will automatically build the site, the index, commit and push it to SoureHut.

# The following creates variables which set the colour/formatting of the output to the terminal.
# Examples: Green is green, under is underlined, bu is bold and underlined, reset resets everything to normal.
green=$(tput setaf 2)
red=$(tput setaf 1)
yellow=$(tput setaf 3)
cyan=$(tput setaf 6)
bold=$(tput bold)
under=$(tput smul)
bu=$(tput bold && tput smul)
reset=$(tput sgr0)

echo "Creating pandoc files..."
cd content/coronavirus
pandoc index.md -f markdown+lists_without_preceding_blankline+hard_line_breaks+blank_before_blockquote -t pdf -o post.pdf --toc -V geometry:"top=2cm, bottom=1.5cm, left=2cm, right=2cm"
pandoc index.md -f markdown+lists_without_preceding_blankline+hard_line_breaks -t docx -o post.docx --toc -s
pandoc index.md -f markdown+lists_without_preceding_blankline+hard_line_breaks -t epub -o post.epub --toc -s
pandoc index.md -f markdown+lists_without_preceding_blankline+hard_line_breaks -t plain -o post.txt --toc -s
pandoc index.md -f markdown+lists_without_preceding_blankline+hard_line_breaks -t rtf -o post.rtf --toc -s
pandoc index.md -f markdown+lists_without_preceding_blankline+hard_line_breaks -t odt -o post.odt --toc -s
cd ../..

echo -e "${bold}Deploying updates to SourceHut...${reset}"

# Build index for site using the generate.sh script (see file for more info).
echo -e "${cyan}Starting index building process...${reset}"
echo -e "${green}Index build complete.${reset}"

# Build the project using Hugo.
echo -e "${cyan}Starting Hugo build process...${reset}"
hugo -d public_html --minify
echo -e "${green}Hugo build process complete.${reset}"

# Add changes to git for all directories.
echo -e "${cyan}Tracking all git files...${reset}"
git add .

# Commit changes.
echo -e "${cyan}What is the custom commit message?${reset}"
read -r usrmsg

echo -e "${cyan}Committing changes...${reset}"
msg="rebuilding site $(date)."
if [ $# -eq 1 ]
  then msg="$1"
git commit -m "$usrmsg: $msg"
echo -e "${green}Changes committed.${reset}"

# Push source and build repos.
echo -e "${cyan}Pushing origin master...${reset}"
git push origin themed
echo -e "${green}Pushed.${reset}"

echo -e "${green}LOCAL PROCESS COMPLETED.${reset}"

# Try to update website on server by SSHing in.
# First, cd (move) to the taliaferro directory.
# Then, git pull the repository (which has now been updated).
# Now, cd (move) into the now-updated public_html folder on the server.
# Then, cp (copy) files from that folder to ~/public_html/, which is the directory which has the contents of the site shown to visitors.
# Finally, exit SSH and tell the user everything is done :).
echo -e "${bold}Attempting to begin remote server update. Beginning SSH connection...${reset}"

ssh taliaferro 'echo -e "SSH process complete."; echo -e "Deploying updates to Server..."; echo -e "Moving into taliaferro folder..."; cd ~/taliaferro-beta; echo -e "Git pulling master..."; git pull origin themed; echo -e "Pulled."; echo -e "Moving back to ~..."; cd ~/; echo -e "Using unison to copy files from git into ~/public_html..."; ./bin/unison public -batch; echo -e "Copying complete."; echo -e "REMOTE PROCESS COMPLETE."; echo -e "Exiting SSH..."; exit'

# This moves back into the <root> directory of the repository. Change it for your system.
cd ~/Documents/source-hut/taliaferro || exit


M readme.md => readme.md +11 -3
@@ 1,6 1,6 @@
# The Taliaferro Times Website

### Basic Information
## Basic Information

Site: https://thetaliaferrotimes.org

@@ 10,7 10,7 @@ Backup Site: https://taliaferro.tk

**Note:** This page is outdated as of April 4th, 2020.

### Developer Information
## Developer Information
1. Posts are made by contributors on their own respective platforms.
2. Website design and site indexing are done locally on development computer.
3. Pushed to GitLab for tracking (deployed to backup site via Netlify).

@@ 22,6 22,14 @@ See manual.md for an overview of how the website works. See each file in the rep
What else does hosting on GitLab mean?
*If* the newspaper were to lose funding or access to a dedicated provider, it would be a simple matter of setting up GitLab Pages on the repository. Also, the entire site and its generation technique can be easily ported from system to system, site to site, provider to provider.

## Versioning

We use something similar to the Semantic Versioning System:
- MAJOR: Major release (new features which significantly change the site). Examples: radical new design, new search function, lots of small changes together.
- MINOR: Small releases which add minor features or content. Examples: new post on site, little design changes, big edits to a page like About.
- PATCH: Minor changes which fix a problem. Examples: fix a problem with a recent change or design, typos, link issues, etc.



@@ 32,7 40,7 @@ To-do:
- [ ] Update About page
- [ ] Use .webp files for supported browsers
- [ ] Social media bar
- [ ] Footer: copyright notice, editorial notice, Privacy, Wordpress, Status
- [x] Footer: copyright notice, editorial notice, Privacy, Wordpress, Status

Far-off goals:
- [ ] Automated means of sending social media & email newsletter notices when new content is posted.