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Coronavirus updates.
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@@ 155,7 155,7 @@ Distance learning is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 6th.
Please reach out to your teachers to ask for assistance.

**Peer to Peer**, BTW's own student-led tutoring program, will continue to operate virtually in order to help students excel academically. Services will include pairing students together for virtual tutoring and studying groups, collecting resources, and helping people understand new [Testing](#testing) formats. Please join the Remind by texting @p2pbtw to 81010.
To find help, text the Remind or email P2P at 
To find help, text the Remind or email P2P at

## Testing
#### AP Testing

@@ 197,6 197,8 @@ As we move to distance learning, access to a computer and the internet is critic
1. Fill out the survey sent to BTW families by Dr. Woolridge.
2. If you have further concerns, contact [Dr. Woolridge](#btw-administrators).

**Update**: If you filled out the survey and indicated that you have an internet connection but do not have a device, you should have received an email on April 1st which gave further instructions on how to receive a Chromebook. If you did not receive this email, or have further questions, please contact Dr. Woolridge.

#### Learning Software
We want to make sure that everyone knows *how* the technology we will use works. Come back soon for links to tutorials.