by Ian Benway

Feb 1, 2019 1 min read

Same old essay situation—twelve-hundred words, full citation;

So this time I may find elation, if I avoid procrastination.


Yes, this time my sole fixation lies within the whole creation

Of my dull assigned dictation within this week’s short duration.


With this sudden inspiration—this completionist inclination,

Which finds itself amid temptation—laziness will meet cessation.


This time I’ll terminate the frustration—the stressed induced aggravation—

Quote me on this acclimation: Last Minute and I have cut relation!


But, maybe if I save this work for later, my wisdom must then be greater.

Still, other names may fit the cater, but I am surely no procrastinator.


Surely, if I save this work for later, the pressure will be an accelerator.

I’m no prior-promise-violator, just a simple progress-vindicator.


Last-minute pressure is an actuator; it’s simply a better activator;

It may seem like I’m some speculator, but I am certainly no excuse-fabricator.


So, I’ll do it later.