Final Interviews With Amri’ and Josh 

We chose them to be our representatives. They accepted, willingly and gracefully. Now, their legacy is memorialzed in the halls of Booker T., showing students and faculty for years to come exactly who BTW High School is and what we stand for. Amri’ Littlejohn and Josh Edwards, we applaud you for your excellence.  Two of our interviewers, Zaria Mangrum and Woodrow Wilson, took the time to ask Josh and Amri’ how being chosen as Mr. and Miss Hornet has changed them and how it has affected their futures. Without futher ado, here are their replies. Amri’ Littlejohn – Miss Hornet Woodrow: So, how did you feel when you heard the news that you were the new Miss Hornet?

Amri’: I was so honored and filled with a joy that is immeasurable. It’s a warm feeling to know that your peers think so highly of you. To be a representative of this magnitude is absolutely wonderful!!

W: I, myself, was very happy for you. Second question: how has this election affected your personal life?

A: Thank you so much! This election has been a great big mirror for me! I constantly think about how much I’ve grown. Eight-year-old me would have been so proud and far more understanding of the trial I was going through at the time.

W: Great! Alright, third question: how proud are you of the speech you gave? I thought it was a very moving speech.

A: Thank you! That’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted the hive to feel the amount of love that I have for this school. I wanted people to relate to me as much as possible and they did. To share my Booker T. journey with other hornets, especially new hornets, and it was an honor in itself and I’d do it again.

W: Now, is there anyone you want to acknowledge? For example a friend, family member, etc?

A: BIG SHOUT OUT TO GOD for keeping me and  keeping the one’s I’m in contact with.
Thank you Mrs. Waugh for your genuine love. Thank you Mr. Cherry for speaking life to me. Shout out the speech and debate team, Tessa Machete is the business! John Benson gives the best hugs on Earth! I love you Jalyn Marston!

W: So, what responsibilities come with the title of Miss Hornet? Why do you think you have these responsibilities?

A: As Miss Hornet one is to hold the responsibility of spreading the Hornet truth. By being the epitome of school spirit, hard working, and loving to fellow Hornets. I think I have these responsibilities more so than any other senior. Now I’m Miss Hornet and the entire school knows it, I’m no longer just another a senior, but the senior chosen by my student body to represent OUR Booker T. Washington.

W: That’s very beautiful, I’m so glad you feel so much pride for the school. Moving on, how do you think being Miss Hornet will affect your life (For example, in college?)

A: BTW is an amazing school and being known as the one who embodies drives me to work even harder than I already have been, and it will reflect well on resumes!

W: Thank you so much for your time!

Josh Edwards – Mr. Hornet **Zaria**: How does it feel to know that your peers voted you Mr. Hornet?
**Josh**: It feels great because to think that so many of my peers think highly of me and I was surprised. It’s unexplainable how I feel. My heart is melting and I’m so glad that they have me a chance to be part of Hornet history.

**Z**: Now that you have won, what advice can you give anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps?
**J:** I say to always make a genuine impact on someone and be a light in their life because you never know what other are going through. Be genuine and stay true to who you are as a person.
**Z:** Do you think anything is going to change for you now? If yes what?
**J:** No and yes in a sense of everyone is watching me now. But other than that no.
**Z:** What positive contributions are you currently making or can you make to the school and to the community?
**J:** People have said that my speech touched them and my personality affects them as well. When I was younger I was bullied and now that I’m here, I like to try to make people comfortable and push them to be themselves and elevate their confidence because Booker T. is a place to be yourself.
**Z:** What was going through your head when you found out that you are now our 2018 Mr. Hornet?
**J:** It was definitely a wow moment. At the moment I was like “wow what wonders god can do.” I also realized that he was there with me. If I didn’t get the opportunity to be Mr. Hornet I still wanted my speech to impact someone.
**Z:** So far what do you think is the best thing about being Mr. Hornet?
**J:** Visually seeing my love and support around me and people love seeing the person I am today.
**Z:** How do you think you were able to win this title?
**J:** God first, my genuine aura, and the way I treat others went a long way, but most of it was God.
**Z:** Did you have a support group? If so, who?
**J:** God of course, he’s always first and my family and friends were there supporting me the whole time. To Amri’ and Josh, we at _The Taliaferro Times _would like to give a final and heartfelt congratulations to them for being the best representatives of Booker T. and for being true to themselves, genuine in the face of many, and full of love and unending support for their peers.