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As a little introduction, this is the second of a new weekly post I’ll be sharing every weekend. I plan to include a variety of content including my own creative writing, others’ writing that I find interesting or insightful, news that is relevant to myself or others, and items of note.

My Work:

Haiku, seeing my beautiful labradoodle in the fading summer sun:

You shine in the sun

Like gold itself a puppy

You are bright as light

Others’ Work:

[A section of this Digest was removed in respect of the wishes of the writer.]

Our October spooky theme is off to a great start at the Taliaferro Times. Check out the most recent posts on the home screen.

BTW News:

It’s Homecoming Week! The theme is Hornets Attack the Pack! The Schedule:

Monday: Holiday Day!

Tuesday: Senior Citizen Day!

Wednesday: Celebrity Day!

Thursday: Coronation Day! Get ready for some Mr. and Miss Hornet celebrations!

Friday: Outrageous orange and black!

Note: All Students must follow the TPS Dress Code

Local News:

It’s almost flu season. Last year, Oklahoma was widely impacted. Make sure to get vaccinated.

Some are still considering the consolidation of school districts in Oklahoma. The Tulsa World

High-point alcohol is now available in grocery and convenience stores around Oklahoma (for 21+ year-olds only). The Tulsa World

Other News:

A tsunami is devastating Indonesia. The Wall Street Journal

Elon Musk is out as Chairman of Tesla, but remains as a powerful CEO. Analysts believe it will actually help bring stability to the electric car maker. The Wall Street Journal

California has mandated that women be included on corporation’s boards, even if it is “likely unconstitutional, a violation of California’s Civil Rights statute, and a violation of the internal affairs doctrine for publicly held corporations.” Though it has the best intentions, it is wrong to go about creating gender diversity by mandating it. Instead, states could implement “incentives, tax breaks or preferential government treatment if [corporations] reach certain diversity thresholds.” The New York Times

Sunday, September 31st, 2018.

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