The BTW Academic Team poses for a photo after winning the state championship!

Weekend Wins for Academic Team and Swim

Multiple BTW teams took home huge victories this weekend. Academic Team won the Academic Bowl State Championship this Saturday! Pictured Above (from left to right): Jesse Schumann, Mr.

Stack of rocks balanced


We are destructive, selfish, power hungry, and two faced Of course we won't admit it secretly basking in these feelings when we think no ones looking

Female hand holding red berries

You Call Her...

She avoids her reflection. You call her odd. She doesn't take pictures. You call her party crasher. She doesn't eat.

Single shark swimming in water above camera

Lone Shark

I sometimes wonder in this big ocean world we live in, where I’m heading? Where my journey is taking me? Am I heading the right way or the wrong way?

Picture of Roni Amit from TU website

Interview with Roni Amit

Roni Amit, JD, PhD Director, Terry West Civil Legal Clinic Assistant Clinical Professor of Law College of Law I’ve known Professor Roni Amit for a while now since we have attended the same weekly yoga class.

Fancy pen on paper

Poetry Club: Write Pass Write

The following poems were written by Poetry Club during Activity Period. Aspiration New year, Same me Same me, Same dreams

Creative Commons text on paper


The US has gone awry with copyright by Nate Ijams A Note from the Author: This work seeks to explore, with a purpose, some flaws I see in our copyright system as it exists today.

Cold Thoughts

There was a time when I was lying in my bed, half an hour to midnight. The clock was ticking softly but loudly.

Fancy pen on paper.

Poetry Club

Just last month, we got to talk with Kelanni Edwards, a junior at Booker. T Washington, about the new club she recently started: Poetry Club.