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Whisking with Woodreaux

Hot Chocolate:Ingredients:Directions:Pumpkin Scones:Ingredients:Directions:

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Bl(i)nk by Calamus

It glared at her. Blinked incessantly. Taunted, teased her. What are you going to do? it whispered. She lifted a finger to—

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Interview with Brooklynn Douglas

Jenna Tayrien asked Brooklynn Douglas a few questions about why being nominated Miss Hornet is important to her. She talks about her plans for the future as well as how she plans on giving back to Booker T.

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Interview with Iyan Smith Williams

Interviewer George Markert decided to ask Mr. Hornet nominee Iyan Smith Williams a few questions about what it feels like to be nominated as well as how this has affected him as a person.

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Interview with MacKenzie Tolliver

The Taliaferro Times photographer and interviewer Zaria Mangrum took time to interview MacKenzie Tolliver about her nomination for Miss Hornet. Tolliver answered questions about what being Miss Hornet would mean to her and also how she hopes to fulfill the expectations of the role.

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Interview with Myles Dement

Hailie Tanner, a freshman member of The Taliaferro Times, interviewed Myles Dement about his Mr. Hornet nomination. He answers questions about what the nomination means to him, his personal growth at Booker T.

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Interview with Zaria Mangrum

Zaria Mangrum, interviewer and photographer for The Taliaferro Times, interviewed Josh Edwards about his Mr. Hornet nomination. He discusses the meaning of Mr.