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Shelley in the Vending Machine

When the soul of Earth ignited fire, The heavens faintly spoke, With a furtive background choir, Let there be Diet Coke.

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Global Climate Strike!

Our Climate Strike by Monica Martinez On Friday September 20th, The Guthrie Green in Downtown Tulsa hosted the Global Climate Strike for Tulsa.

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The Area 51 Raid, and What Actually Happened

September 20, 2019. Seem like a familiar date? Well, you’re not crazy. Everyone and their mom knows about the Area 51 Raid.

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Antoinette Baking Company - Restaurant Review

Antoinette Baking Company Antoinette Baking Company is a charming bakery and coffee shop located in the Tulsa Arts District, Downtown, on Main St.

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There's Some Weird S*** In Minnesota's Woods

You know this is one of those things that you’re not supposed to talk about. The kinda things considered “taboo” amongst those who know about it, but this has been aching at me for months now, living in the deep crevices of my mind, never really fading from my active thought.

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Renegades - Book Review

Renegades, by Marissa Meyer Are you looking for a new book to read? Do you like superhero stories? Give Renegades by Marissa Meyer a try!

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Standing on a Timebomb

The world is on fire, I’m told to sit quieter— Don’t talk back, “We’ve got this under control.” You ignore me,

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Music is She

“Music is She, She is Music” read the yellow blue and purple sign that hung over the Guthrie Green stage. On the same stage, seven incredibly talented female musical artists performed the night away, each offering their own unique experience.

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