Fix gopher length check.
Update source and contact info.
Alembic migration for changes to downloads & NSFW.
Update NGINX configuration for sbk.sh and certbot.
Replace systemd file with OpenRC service.

The OpenRC service might need to be changed to use your UWSGI installation. This
copy is ready for an Alpine Linux system.
Add additional copyright information.
Remove all NSFW detection code.
Add gemini proxy routing.
Add file download counter.
update examples to fix upload path
add exiftool stripping

change from @jcs on github

also ran black code formatter tool
update urls
857646f5 — tilde services 3 years ago
disable dump_urls
d6b8689b — tilde services 3 years ago
update gopherproxy url
be0b76fe — tilde services 3 years ago
add html to .txt mapping
c371dfa3 — tilde services 3 years ago
add favicon by entoreor
8a7e3100 — jesopo 4 years ago
pass back file/url/shorten as text/plain
make page responsive
2c8154d0 — tilde services 4 years ago
add nginx conf and systemd unit