A simple Discord music bot – supports anything supported by youtube-dl
Add fudge, pin, and panafafafa commands.
Add reconnect youtube-dl options.
Add pause and resume functions.


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Muffinwoman: Discord Music Bot

This is a just a quick exercise for checking out discord.py and youtube-dl. My friend had a music bot 2 years back that could play almost any link thrown at it. This is meant to emulate that. Enjoy.

#Design Choices

  1. Minimize dependencies: A lot of music bots these days are using Lavalink to send audio. That brings in Java 11 as a dependency. The dependencies here are youtube-dl, discord.py, and pynacl (along with their dependencies)

  2. No volume controls: It's trendy for reactions to be used to control volume. While this is a neat feature, users in the server can adjust the volume of the bot themselves. I don't want to write functionality that's already there.

  3. Host it yourself: Self explanatory really. Keeps the code simple so I can work on features and bug fixes when updates come.

#Issues and Feature Requests

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  • Fix disconnect when dragging bot
  • Investigate slow play command
  • Investigate ffmpeg crashing once in a while
  • Flesh out logic on checking the user's channel before joining