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A wiki created using the Oscean static wiki engine.

This is the repository for the Mountaen wiki, see the on-site documentation for more up-to-date details. Mountaen is a static site written in ANSI C, the database tables are in the human-readable plaintext ndtl/tbtl. The lexicon body uses a simple markup language.

The Master Branch is the live version.


cd src/
time ./build.sh


Oscean can be compiled with the Tiny C Compiler, and Plan9's POSIX Compiler in about 100 milliseconds on a Raspberry Pi.

tcc main.c -o main
pcc main.c -o main
clang main.c -o main


  • Patches are welcome.
  • See the License file for license rights and limitations(MIT), the media assets are BY-NC-SA 4.0.


Oscean is written by Devine Lu Linvega. Many of the pages on my wiki are taken in large part or entirely from their site: https://wiki.xxiivv.com/.