Deploy builds on all branches.
Fix lint errors and update packages.
e99dfa72 — Ben Gotow a month ago
Bump to 1.8.0, update Changelog
65725fd4 — Ben Gotow a month ago
Drop unused Python and Git dependencies in control.in #1887 (#2257)

9029abca — Ben Gotow a month ago
Update snapcraft “macaroon” credentials to fix the Travis packaging on LInux

Steps for next year (token expires annually):

snapcraft export-login --snaps mailspring --channels edge --acls package_upload credentials
travis login --com --github-token XXXXX
travis encrypt-file credentials --add --com
75c664d1 — Ben Gotow a month ago
Fix or downgrade remaining eslint warnings to make Travis CI builds succeed
22867f1a — Ben Gotow a month ago
Fix auto-fixable errors identified by the new versions of Typescript + ESLint
479fb44b — Ben Gotow a month ago
Update Typescript, eslint dependencies to reflect TS 3.7+ requirement
289019cc — Janosch Maier a month ago
Fix moment-timezone errors on calendar invites (#2255)

9a814593 — Janosch Maier a month ago
Fix bug when comparing empty string in mail rules (#2254)

e0d98437 — Janosch Maier a month ago
Adjust search bar label based on the selected account (#2252)

4153c464 — Janosch Maier a month ago
Add information regarding app password type for FastMail (#2251)

2a060109 — Jason C. McDonald a month ago
Update developer_issue.md
cdc7b3f5 — Jason C. McDonald a month ago
Add CoC, Discourse links
fc707ba9 — Jason C. McDonald a month ago
Change issue reporting templates.
8c7d695c — Janosch Maier a month ago
Colorize Accounts (#2240)

* Add configuration option to colorise accounts

* Add German translation for account color

* Fix bug when account is unset in list-tabular-item

* Add account color for "from" field in compose window

* Add color coding to the preferences account list

* Fix styling issue in compose window where account labels where unaligned if only one account had a color configured

* Add account color inside the swipeable element

* Partial Revert "Add configuration option to colorise accounts"

This partially reverts commit f8efccb0f23d9c51d68d30dcbbfd330239ed12f0.

* Ensure that account color is not displayed in thread-list when it is unset

* Add colorized accounts in sidebar and contacts view

* Add new type Style to be used throughout the colorization code

* Add todo note for ensuring that the account color updates correctly

* Remove style definition and use react CSSProperties instead

* Fix crash when opening a draft that was created in GMail

* Refactor accountColor to color

* Ensure dynamic change of the account color in the sidebar

* Add AccountColorBar react component

Co-authored-by: Janosch Maier <maierjaonsch@gmail.com>
b404ae50 — johnpoint 2 months ago
Update zh-CN.json (#2219)

c4612a5c — Jarrad Whitaker 2 months ago
add libglib2-bin as alternative to gvfs-bin (#2220)

25121569 — Aftabuzzaman 2 months ago
Fix some translation errors in Bengali (#2224)

This file contain lots of translation error. looks like machine translation. I tried to fix some of them.
ea274d5a — Ben Gotow 6 months ago
Switch to OAuth for Office 365 accounts now that MSFT support is live! #1118
62f31cce — Ben Gotow 6 months ago
Explicitly add node-gyp as a dev dependency for Linux #2106