Tulsa ~ Columbia '24


An enthusiast of sorts.


Mailspring Libre – aiming at removing Mailspring's dependency on a central server


Website for the Mailspring Libre project.


A personal static wiki created with Oscean ~ wiki.ijams.me


A fork of Cryptomator with all donation-based restrictions removed ~ please donate anyhow!


The Null Pointer ~ modified


ijams.me source


Repository for various NewsDev projects


LaTeX & R source for the Columbia Spectator Accessibility Report


A simple Discord music bot – supports anything supported by youtube-dl


The Taliaferro Times.


Mediumish Theme for Taliaferro


Arch User Repository for the ProtonVPN Linux CLI tool


CultureBridge Tulsa - Hugo Manual


Clone of ~julienxx/castor for macOS installation


A collection of Go libraries and programs to interact with the Hypixel API ~ API, Engine, & Discord Bot

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