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# Retrofit

Retrofit is an ANSI art adapter for the modern terminal. It uses a series of
transformations to make it possible to view ANSI art pieces in a regular
Unix-like terminal and Windows console (see below for details).

Rather than recreating the whole picture within an in-memory virtual terminal,
retrofit uses the actual terminal as a live buffer. That makes it possible to
view the art piece at limited baud, with accurate timing. It also correctly
handles drawing out-of-order and full-blown ansimations.

## Features

- Various adaptations of encoding and ANSI escape sequence behavior
- Independence of the underlying terminal color scheme and dimensions
- Color transformations that make it match the original palette closer
- Accurate baud limiting
- Support for iCE colors
- Support for PabloDraw 24-bit color codes
- Ability to limit screen height, while correctly handling long-scrolling

## Demo

Check out [Dispenser](https://textmode.cc/dispenser) for a quick live-demo!

## Usage

Basic usage involves stating the ANSI file as a running parameter:

$ retrofit example.ans

You can also pipe into retrofit:

$ curl -s https://example.com/example.ans | retrofit

### Baud limiting

Limit the baud count with the `-b` parameter:

$ retrofit -b 9600 example.ans

_Note that this feature behaves erratically in certain environments, like
within virtual machines. This issue is tracked [here](https://todo.sr.ht/~exitb/retrofit/1)._

### 24-bit color mode

For best accuracy of the original color palette, as well as support for
PabloDraw color codes, use 24-bit mode:

$ retrofit -c 24bit example.ans

## Building from source

Retrofit is built with Rust. It requires [Rust toolset](https://rustup.rs)
to build from source. Once available:

$ git clone https://git.sr.ht/~exitb/retrofit
$ cd retrofit/
$ cargo install --path .

## License

Roam is licensed under ISC.
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Outstanding issues:

- Support for color aproximation for 24-bit PabloDraw colors in the 8-bit mode.
- Possibly better color aproximation for the regular VGA colors in the 8-bit mode.
- Fix the limit_rate iterator drift
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