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Release v4.0.0
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M Makefile
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imv Changelog

v4.0.0 - 2019-08-27

* Fixed keyboard layout handling, changing bind syntax
* Renamed many commands (select_rel -> next/prev, select_abs -> goto, etc.)
* Temporarily removed autoresize option

* Dropped SDL2 dependency, implementing Wayland and X11 support natively
  through imv-wayland and imv-x11 binaries
* Added support for displaying SVGs at native resolution regardless of zoom
* Added hidpi support on Wayland
* Added '-c' argument to specify commands to run at startup
* Added 'bind' command to add new binds at runtime
* Added 'background' command to change background colour at runtime
* Added 'upscaling' command to modify upscaling method at runtime
* Added optional argument to close command to specify an index or all images
* Added initial_pan option to configure which part of an image is initially
  focused on
* Added support for aliases passing arguments to underlying their commands
* Added imv-msg program to send commands to a running instance of imv
* Added $imv_pid environment variable
* Allowed imv to remain open with no images open
* Improved unicode support in overlay
* Fixed typo in $imv_slideshow_duration environment variable
* Added new crop scaling method, which will zoom in until an image completely
  fills the window
* Fixed a bug where 16-bit greyscale images would not load
* Fixed a memory corruption bug in generic list implementation
* Fixed several memory leaks

v3.1.2 - 2019-06-24

* Fix manpage packaging regression introduced in v3.1.1

M Makefile => Makefile +1 -1
@@ 98,7 98,7 @@ MSG_OBJECTS := $(patsubst src/%.c,$(BUILDDIR)/%.o,$(MSG_SOURCES))

TESTS := $(patsubst test/%.c,$(BUILDDIR)/test_%,$(TEST_SOURCES))

VERSION != git describe --dirty --always --tags 2> /dev/null || echo v4.0.0-rc3
VERSION != git describe --dirty --always --tags 2> /dev/null || echo v4.0.0