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Originally I made the SSG to create one site. But it turned out to be not that hard to generalize it and now it generates:

* My personal site: https://erikwinter.nl[https://erikwinter.nl]
* A second site with just the Dutch short stories: https://vrijkorteverhalen.nl[https://vrijkorteverhalen.nl]
* A second site with just the Dutch short stories: https://vrijkorteverhalen.nl _edit: I’ve decomissioned that site._
* A very basic note viewer for the terminal. As it felt weird to fire up a browser and go on the internet, just to view a note that was already sitting on my hard drive a few directories away.

In the future I might add an export for a Gopher or a Gemini site and if the collection of notes grows I’ll probably improve the search somewhat. Now it only finds notes on tags or whole words. It displays them just in plain text. I will also probably dive more into shell escape codes and such to see if the apperance can be improved.