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#My Shitty Static Site Generator

Although there are many SSG's out there that work perfectly fine, I still went through the effort of creating my own program to generate my site. And after doing that I wrote a lot of text explaining why. As it turns out, there are some underlying motivations for creating your own tools that I think are interesting for non-programmers too. If you want to read more about it, check the essay on my site. There is also a note on the markup used. I will create some more documentation later. Here is a high level description of the code.

But, one of the points to do it was to have the freedom to put my content anywhere I want. So I was able to bundle everything together and you can find de source files out of which the mentioned posts are generated right in this repository, in de doc folder.

As noted in the project name, this software is shitty. Don't use it. I put it here for inspiration and for educational purposes.