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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#GTE - Getting Things Email

I'll add some documentation later and will post about this project. But since there was some interest I already made the repository public.

A todo-app/task management system based on IMAP. That is, all the tasks are stored as emails. Basically, I got fed up with the million todo-apps that are already out there, because exactly zero of them can meet the (I think) reasonable requirement that I can use it with clients that are native to my devices. If you work in the terminal and you have a phone that does not run Android or iOS, then… nothing is available. And that is just the first requirement I have.

So the idea is to have something that runs on email, because email is supported on every platform and I can immediately use it from everywhere and later, if I want to, I can build dedicated clients on top of that. But it already works terrific for me, so maybe I’ll never get to that last part.