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#Lektor Gemini capsule

This plugin for Lektor adds support for dual-generation of web and Gemini content.

#Using this


  1. Install lektor-gemini-capsule
  2. Create your templates under templates/MODEL.gmi
  3. lektor build and profit!

Note that if your web server is the same as your Gemini server, you may be able to copy the whole site once and serve both protocols from the same resulting directory. Check your server's documentation.


In order to install the plugin you can add following to your .lektorproject file:

lektor-gemini-capsule = 0.2

Or follow the official plugin instructions.

#How it works

This plugin generates a corresponding index.gmi whenever Lektor generates an index.html file.

It does so by reusing the one model <--> one template concept, so you will have to create a template for each model.

#Disabling Gemini for specific models

If you would like to skip Gemini generation for a specific model, you can use following in your model's .ini:

type = boolean
default = True

#The md2gemini Jinja filter

This plugin defines an md2gemini Jinja filter, but by default it just passes the text as it is defined.

This limitation is due to an incompatibility between md2gemini and Lektor when it comes to a common dependency called mistune (the Markdown parser).

This filter is defined and its use is encouraged in the hope that this incompatibility is solved soon and the resulting Gemini capsules are more Gemini-friendly without any added effort.