[dependencices] Add support for pipenv and notes on python3.5+
b2542d82 — Evilham 2 years ago
[format] Run black on the project.


This ensures that there is no friction when collaborating because of different
formatting styles.
Added responsive menu. Some datatables are also responsive.
Hide textarea tinymce and quill editor type options
New default_blurb text
Included Formbuilder Label descriptions
Improved database migration
Fixed Change Author bug
Fixed bug when creating big forms. issue: lleialtec/gngforms#3 Thanks @capiscuas
Increased CSRF time limit. You now have up to 1.5 hours to complete a form.
Added custom data protection consent text.
Added formbuilder-languages
Deleted formbuilder-languages
Added Catalan translations. Thanks @origola.
Fixed entries ordered by created, when creating graph data.
Fixed My Forms datatable Entry column ordering.
Improved some navigation a little
Added graphs for multi choice fields.
Added graphs to shared results via link.
Number type fields now show on stat graph
Removed HTML tags from form labels
Added chartjs license info
Added Chartjs for some form stats