forgejo_ldap: support FreeBSD

while there improve the type docs.
forgejo: update conf file and improve UX

Update conf to match recent versions and perform some changes
regarding to UX:

- use the database as storage for sessions. While using memory is
  leaner on server resources, it has the drawback that a restart of
  the service (due, e.g. to a config change) loses all sessions.
- rename all cookies so they are actually meaningful
- increase the time cookies are valid from 1 day to 90 days
forgejo: add support for FreeBSD

we do this by generalising /etc to ETC_DIR and download the compiled
version from farga.eXO.cat
forgejo: enable email notifications by default + custom path

We were not passing the custom-path flag, which is problematic when we
want to override / customise certain assets.
__forgejo: use the .xz URL as required further down the manifest
woodpecker updated

The woodpecker-server and woodpecker-agent types were updated to
download the latest version of each one.
Security updates, general binary update

forgejo.conf and forgejo.conf.sh files were updated to comply with new
security updates.

The manifest of the type was updated to download the latest version of
__single_binary_service: remove local type

And rework other types to use that in cdist-contrib instead.
__woodpecker*: reimplement extra-args to take env vars

This requires latest cdist-contrib, which adds support for environment
variables to systemd and runit services.
forgejo: Update to 1.19.1-0, add type features

Adds support for:
- `--require-signin`
- `--donthide-emails`
- `--register-email-confirm`
- `--register-manual-confirm`
- `--enable-registration`
- `--custom-config`

In particular `--custom-config` can be used to override / customise
settings that are not (yet) supported by this type, like SMTP settings.
discourse: new features for plugins

Add support for templates, plugins and custom commands.
Added documentation and bug corrections

Added the manuals for woodpecker-server and woodpecker-agent.
Fixed bug in the creation of the homedir for the user that manages the
woodpercker-agent service
Added custom commands for the run file

Added a parameter for adding custom code to the run file for runit.
Woodpecker-ci types added

woodpecker-server and woodpecker-agent binaries for linux are
configurated through these two types, facilitating the quick setup of
the woodpecker service.
Correction for base directory
Assuring the base dir exists

Bug fix where the basedir is created to prevent errors.
Added custom_commands parameter

Custom commands that can be added to the app.yml file on discourse for
the execution of lines of code. Mainly use for adding plugins for
Manual modifications for new types

Added descriptions and examples for victoriametrics,
victoriametrics_auth, prometheus, prometheus_blackbox_exporter types.
Manuals for victoria metrics types updated
Added base for manual for alertmanager type