1376600cad4ae0b326a7676f43fe0d33b08c29fa — Evilham a month ago 5f017eb
__nginx_site: fix cronjob on Linux

infamously, the PATH variable is different :-), we had mostly used
this on BSD systems and therefore this issue was very seldom, and only
on Linux.

Reported by:	eXO.cat
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M type/__evilham_nginx_site/manifest
M type/__evilham_nginx_site/manifest => type/__evilham_nginx_site/manifest +1 -1
@@ 109,7 109,7 @@ else

ACME_TYPE="$(cat "${__object}/parameter/acme-type" 2>/dev/null || true)"
RELOAD_HOOK="service nginx reload"
RELOAD_HOOK="/usr/sbin/service nginx reload"
if [ -n "${ACME_TYPE}" ]; then
	# User is requesting that we deal with TLS certs
	case ${ACME_TYPE} in