Evilham's cdist-types
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Evilham’s cdist types

These are my personal types, they are production-ready unless I have marked them as deprecated.

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Quality check

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Participating in the cdist community

Join us on #cdist:ungleich.ch on matrix.

Note on deprecated types

What the deprecated flag means depends on each type, and you should read the contents of that file. It could be a way to mark them as a Work In Progress or Proof of Concept type, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the type is not apt for careful use.

Known issues

There might be some known issues with these types, see the TODO.

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Maturity and migration to mainstream repos

After types mature, it sometimes makes sense to merge them either in cdist or cdist-contrib, depending on the kind of type they are.

Since I namespace types, in those cases I create a dummy type that points to the corresponding cdist or cdist-contrib type.

This has happened previously with:

Using these types or those in cdist-contrib

We would recommend that you clone this repository next to your regular cdist config directory, then setup conf_dir with relative paths in cdist configuration.

An example of this would be:

# contents of cdist.cfg next to cdist-contrib
# Notice that types defined in last dir win and can override native types.
# Consider using a prefix for your own types to avoid collisions.
conf_dir = cdist-contrib:cdist-evilham:cdist-private

And you would run cdist from the same directory as follows:

cdist config -g cdist.cfg
# Or setup your CDIST_CONFIG_FILE environment variable and run as usual


cdist itself is licensed under GPL, these types are licensed under the 3-Clause BSD license unless a type is explicitly GPL-licensed.

To simplify management, if they are moved to cdist or cdist-contrib, I’ll relicense them to GPL by default.