Add build artifact to CI configuration
Fix long option parsing
Ensure CLI result limit is a positive integer
Support paged results in CLI and pluralise subcommands

All CLI commands that retrieve paged result sets now accept an "-n" flag
specifying the maximum number of items to fetch. These items are now
output as a vector, and the commands expect to be entered in the plural
form, i.e. "get things" rather than "get thing".
Fix API error reason detection

Because `get-condition-property` returns false when the condition
doesn't have a component of the given kind, we have to make sure the
property accessor yields a result before treating it like an alist.
Add CLI commands to get refs and create artifacts
Add git library
Add jobs endpoint and CLI command
Fix documentation URL in README and USAGE.md
Rename project to be more self-descriptive

The previous name was abstruse, unhelpful, and not even particularly
clever. It's a sourcehut library, let's just call it that.
Switch to LibreSSL for musl build
Add key creation and deletion to CLI
Add missing dependency from cli program to meta module
Add meta endpoints to CLI program
Add command for listing pastes
Exit success when skipping deploy for untagged CI builds
Unquote CI variables now that sr.ht shell-escapes them automatically
Add static build and deploy to manifest
Add test for CLI program
Enable OpenSSL in static executable