Add lint rule for "if-begin" (rather than using `cond')
Print all warnings for multiple issues of same type on same line
Improve quoted constant detection
Avoid warnings for problems originating outside the current source file
Allow chicken-install flags to be passed to load-system
Use "rev" variable in Niv example
Allow chicken-lock output to be redirected with "-output-file" flag
Drop unnecessary minimum dependency versions in egg file
Allow chicken-install to try remote sources if not found in local paths
Expose beaker egg via Nix attribute
Make egg-file argument to load-system optional
Allow passing specific paths to chicken-clean
More flake documentation
Add flake example to documentation
Add Nix helpers to flake
Small documentation updates for Nix helpers
Add gitignore file
Avoid file collisions among eggPrograms that use the same eggs
Add example chicken-lock commands to Nix helper documentation
Add examples of linking to external libraries with Nix helpers