exclude duplicate definitions from raymath
*[*]opaque -> *opaque
Rewrite/fix demos

Signed-off-by: Autumn! <autumnull@posteo.net>
Convert *void to *opaque and c::schar to c::char

Signed-off-by: Autumn! <autumnull@posteo.net>
Add raylib.ha as dependency in Makefile

Signed-off-by: Autumn! <autumnull@posteo.net>
update for types::c

also get rid of c_bool, since we fixed that abi incompatibility
remove raymath from makefile

still need to dedupe things which i was planning to do at the time
that i added to the makefile but i didn't and forgot i did that
remove recursive deps from LIBS and add note to readme

they will always be wrong most of the time so it makes the most sense to make them user specified
use error assertion operator on strings::fromc
Makefile: generate raymath.ha
unmix mixup between green and blue
move heightmap to cmd/heightmap
move res/* to resources
add makefile rule for heightmap
represent c arrays as *[*]type instead of *type