pretty print linux input events from stdin


debounce linux key events, written to debounce the bouncy keys on my cat s22 flip


language server for hare, written (badly) in sh and awk


a json parser written in awk


use wtype to emulate keyboard on wayland, because uinput doesn't unicode


https://github.com/raysan5/raylib bindings for hare


i got nerdsniped by https://botsin.space/@bitartbot into writing this


signal plugin for weechat using signal-cli


emulate a geminipr stenography keyboard using a qwerty keyboard


hare bindings for linux input event structure


program to create scratch hologram patterns from stl models


render images as braille with color


A typing test program with a meaningless name


plugin for https://gitlab.com/interception/linux/tools to assign a key to, when held, change other keybindings to another layer

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