Idaho, USA


Hi, my name's Evan. I moved to https://sr.ht/ recently. Was sick of self-hosting. It may be a bit messy at the moment.

I'm a former full-stack developer, current student at the University of Idaho, and will be looking for full-time work again soon. If you're looking for someone with a passion for owning their stack and tooling email me. me@evanjon.es

I favor the Go programming language above others but have a fondness for a number of programming languages (most in the C family but I can get weird). I'm not picky.

My new years resolution is to write more. Stop by https://evanjon.es/blog some time. I would love your thoughts.

Other places I frequent: https://github.com/mini-eggs https://twitter.com/minieggs40 https://lobste.rs/u/jajsemevan https://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=minieggs

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