Feat(ex): Refining example.
Feat(flex+bison): Initial grammar work for bison.
Feat(bison): Using C bison as starting point. Slightly modified.
Feat(flex): Adding a simple flex scanner.
Fix(syntax error): Messed up some `[` and `]`s and tuple returns.
Feat(embedded methods): Adding some notes on embedded methods.
Merge branch 'master' of git.evanjon.es:minieggs/zan
Feat(example): Rewrote a Go program in Zan.
git.evanjon.es/minieggs/wtf2 for original Go program.
Feat(struct methods): Adding struct methods to readme.
Feat(keywords): Adding keywords file to track thoughts.
Fix(readme): Rename and formatting.
Feat(special thanks): Links to ghost lang from jamie kyle.
Feat(readme): Taking James Kyle's ghost lang as inspo for readme.
Feat(*): Project init.