Feat(deps+deploy): Updating deps ref. Moving from serverless deploy.
Feat(CLI file support + Starting Stripe integration): File support has
been added to CLI. It's the MVP and should be treated as WIP. It's a
quick impl. to play and iterate w/. Stripe integration has just begun.
Much to do!
Feat(file support): File supporting working. Needs a bit of cleanup but
mostly  there.
Feat(file support): Adding initial work for file support. Using e3 for
object storage!
Feat(css): Fixing hamburger menu position + svg logo width/flex css
things were broken on firefox.
fda5b196 — Evan M Jones 3 years ago
Feat(makefile): Minify binaries.
2e068d31 — Evan M Jones 3 years ago
Feat(mini ico): New favicon + fixing size. Small!
Fix(mobile ios safari export scroll + svg images outline): Fixed
versions of svg logos (no whitespace) + fixed the issue where mobile
safari won't scroll to export div.
Fix(a11y): Fixing accessibility ~things~.
Feat(page size): Trying to decrease page size. Embedding images.
Fix(margins): CSS margins, items-center. Random small styling things.
Feat(refactor): JavaScript refactor + spelling mistakes.
Fix(styling + logo): Fixing some small styling inconsistencies +
inserting new logo's from Madison.
WIP(css): Tweaking styling to header, radial gradient.
Feat(remove video + css): Removing header video. Tweaking styling.
Fix(CLI login; form errors): Weird nil checking on *common.FormErrors.
Don't pass FormErrors around anymore. Also, adding content text to
Fix(mobile styling): Fixing slider text size on mobile + menu nav open
size on mobile.
Fix(mobile): Fixing some mobile styling for margins and slider header.
Feat(logo+slider): Input logo on frontend + tweaked slider code + added
text to slider.
Fix(pass reset): Refactor out password reset logic from controllers to
                 secure token (no longer verify timestamp valid and
                 whatnot in controllers).