Chore(*): Testing deploy.
Feat(*): Redesign. Hooking into new cms.evanjon.es updates.
Feat(prev/next): Adding previous and next post links.
Feat(cms update): Updating evanjon.es cms usage per cms updates on tip.
Feat(css): Align middle.
Fix(.build.yml): Stuffing `go get` in root Go file for CI.
Feat(makefile+.build.yml): Fixing makefile for BSD. Adding CI.
Feat(tmpls): Slight change to template parsing/minifying.
Feat(favicon+css+html): Adding new favicon. Tweaking CSS/HTML.
Fix(css/html): Tweaking little things.
Feat(html/css): Playing around.
Feat(static): Removing static folder (not used).
Feat(rss): Adding RSS back.
Feat(LICENSE+README): The important things.
Fix(sorting): CMS sorting oops.
Feat(cms.go): Implementing ordering for cms API.
WIP(refactor): Working on redesign. Throwing some ideas around.
WIP(refactor): Getting there. Copying over old content.
WIP(refactor): Implemented search API from CMS.
WIP(refactor): Just need to complete transformer + rss feed.