Feat(track): Adding one more opt to segment server side analytics.
Fix(segment): Tweaked integration. Deployed.
Feat(segment): Adding very basic analytics to backend.
Fix(cache): Small tweaks.
Feat(cache): Adding simple in memory cache + webhook for CMS.
Feat(restyle): Yet another restyle.
Feat(errgroupcount): Removed errgroupcount. It is its own module now.
Feat(comments): Remove outdated comment + add more info to search.go
Fix(styles): Fix textoverflow on mobile. Deploy to prod.
Feat(Sync+Home): Improving sync behavior for search. Option to show set
of blog posts on homepage.
Fix(blog link rename): posts -> blog.
Feat(caching+image styling): Modifying image styling slightly, box
shadow. Also, temp removing caching from site. It's too unpredictale.
Need to get a handle on it. TODO.
Fix(github): Removing dotfiles from Github.
Feat(testing): Addings tests for endpoints.
Feat(contentful): Adding more options to contentful integration to use
preview api.
Fix(renaming): Cleaning code a tad, renaming and making vars consts.
Feat(main.go): Finalizing cache things + headers.
WIP(main.go): Working on cache situation.
Feat(refactor): Pushed refactor to prod
Feat(cache+charset): Fixing cache and charset for refactor.