Feat(*): Redesign.
TMP(.build.yml): Temporarily deleting CI/build file.
Feat(go1.16, embed, Nu Html Checker): Fixing HTML issues as reported by
https://validator.w3.org/nu/. Updating to go1.16 and ripping out custom
file embedder for standard library embed!
Feat(vendor): Vendor updates for go1.16.
Fix(main.css): Revert last <br> changes in last commit. Modify max-width
on body > div.
Fix(main.css): Slight tweaks to <br> tags to be consistent with <p>
Feat(*): Restyling.
Feat(theme): Changing theme to blue.
Feat(goatcounter): Adding user respecting analytics software.
Revert(.html): Remove #more from some links.
Chore(item.html): Minor tweak to prev/next link. #more
Feat(css): Scroll X rather than pre-wrap on pre code. Also, #more links
for blog posts.
Fix(makefile): Tweaks to makefile (for embed mostly).
Fix(cache+tmpl): Small tweaks to cache and tmpl.

When cached items are corrupted delete cached item.

Create template helper functions before parsing templates themselves.
Feat(meta): More meta/title details.
Feat(rss): RSS feed has been added back.
Feat(cache/async): Improve perf while interacting with CMS.
WIP(*): Refactor.
Fix(main.css): Adding some styling for mobile.
Fix(.build.yml): Fix build script for cms.evanjon.es -> evanjon.es.