Feat(README): Add proper readme and remove old.
Fix(deployall): Easy folder setup for linux amd64.
Fix(ok+err): Add simple tests for test pass on builtins. Invalid type!
Fix(vet): Pair statement termination fun. Make sure vet handles appropriately.
WIP(maybe+pair for vet+fmt): Adding necessary changes to go/ast, go/parser, go/token
and friends to make the pair statement, maybe type, ok, and err changes functional
for go vet and go fmt. Work in progress.
Fix(maybe+pair): All tests passing.
Fix(maybe+pair): All tests passing.
Fix(maybe+pair): All tests passing.
Feat(maybe+pair): Finalizing maybe/pair/ok/err. Adding correct test file. Remove tmp files.
WIP(maybe+pair): In working state.
WIP(pair stmt): More work into pair statement. Just beginning the noder.go work needed.
WIP(pair stmt): Initial work of adding pair/match statement. Just get it working!
WIP(err): err builtin complete. TODO: Error handling/type checking with ok/err/maybe .
WIP(testing): All tests passing again. Had to rename some functions in select5.go
WIP(ok): ok builtin seemingly done.
WIP(ok): Working on ok transforms still, almost there!
43a6916c — Evan M Jones 1 year, 8 months ago
WIP(*): In the middle of finishing ok(...). Making sure it's saved to repo.
42f47055 — Evan M Jones 1 year, 8 months ago
WIP(Maybe): Maybe rewriting pretty near complete!
972c151f — Evan M Jones 1 year, 8 months ago
WIP(Maybe): Maybe type priliminary work.
24a6ca09 — Bryan C. Mills 1 year, 8 months ago
cmd/go/internal/modfetch: always check for a go.mod file when fetching from version control

If the module path declared in the go.mod file does not match the path
we are trying to resolve, a build using that module is doomed to fail.
Since we know that the module path does not match in the underlying
repo, we also know that the requested module does not exist at the
requested version.

Therefore, we should reject that version in Stat with a “not exist”
error — sooner rather than later — so that modload.Query will continue
to check other candidate paths (for example, with a major-version
suffix added or removed).

Fixes #33099

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