Fix(.build.yml): Remove static dir ref from build file (was copied from
other application).
Fix(cache.go): Don't error out when item is too large for cache.
Fix(builds): Remove master hook. Didn't work due to ref checkout.
Feat(builds): Adding deploy hook to build, noop atm.
Fix(build): Create .env in build script.
Feat(build): Creating and testing build script.
Fix(C): Wrong year, copyright.
Fix(logged in): Forms always work as expected.
Feat(structure): Better folder structure.
Feat(invite): Adding invitation support + user session support on
Feat(html): Reworking HTML. Simple site.
Fix(favicon): Favicon redirect.
Fix(License): Fixing text within license.
Fix(go.mod): Cleaning up Go files.
Feat(memcache): Adding caching via memcache.
Feat(configs): Moving to tradtional server. Including configs.
Fix(private): Fixing mistake with private query, files were inaccessible
by all.
Feat(public and private): Make files private by default.
Feat(security): Remove git.evanjon.es in favor of git.sr.ht.
Feat(*): Command line usage + all around better.