Feat(c/content): Testing complete for controllers.
Feat(c/*): Adding testing to small controllers. Removing ping
Feat(c/contenttype): Testing complete for contenttype controller.
Feat(c/hook): Testing complete for hook controller. 100%.
Feat(pkg/e3): Complete testing for E3 client code.
Chore(TODO): Update TODO list for current roadmap goals.
Chore(e3/defaultDepth/redirect): Slight changes. Moving things around.
Feat(c/c.go): Testing for core controller.
Fix(c/space): Test coverage was whacked out over t.Run usage.
Feat(c/user): Adding testing for user controller.
Feat(c/space): Adding more testing for space. Removing old/stale tests
(db and content).
WIP(c/space): Adding testing for space controller. Happy path is
WIP(doc): Adding a documentation page. Only Spaces API complete so far.
Feat(HTTP): Refactoring HTTP routing/methods. Easier use via cURL -X.
Chore(deps): Update dependencies.
Feat(go.mod): Dependency cleanup. Removed some.
Fix(main.css): Large ref buttons overflow.
Fix(SpaceCopy): Full space copy couldn't handle looping references. This
has been fixed.
Fix(ContentType+Content transaction): Fix content iterator transaction
usage in cache/contenttype.go where cache was locking table so
contenttype failed to delete.