ref: da13ad09881f7f92ed44c54cf4cd809f3b31ee57 cms/internal/s/db/user.go -rw-r--r-- 6.8 KiB
Feat(db): Removed non transactions and deadlocks from db layer.
Feat(db): Mostly complete removing potentially deadlocking DB code. Only
db.Exec calls left to remove.
Feat(invites and roles): Users can now set roles while inviting others.
WIP(rbac): Decorator object complete. TODO: Specify role in invite.
Allow admin to change other user's roles.
Feat(invite): Adding invite feature.
Feat(password): Password update on billing page.
ec3e2007 — Evan J 11 months ago
Fix(Org): Rework how org is pulled.
Feat(email+upgrade): MVP support for user emails (after signup) and
upgrading subscription.
Fix(rate limiting): Refactor file upload access to RL.
Feat(stripe/billing): cms_billing table complete. NEXT: Allow users to
adjust billing/cancel.
Feat(Big): Added a few things here...

* MVP stripe integration (new controller/server).
* Moved tmpl to views (package v).
* Added ability to create migrations.
* Added first migration. Remove user_to_space in favor of org table.
Feat(css): Adding "mvp" css.
Feat(updating+json): Updating contents works. Can now deliver json
responses as well.
WIP(*): Project init.
Feat(*): Project init.