ref: c9b8ed8641d753b2adde17c7bac7995f94dff36b cms/TODO -rw-r--r-- 629 bytes
Feat(c/space): Adding more testing for space. Removing old/stale tests
(db and content).
Feat(go.mod): Dependency cleanup. Removed some.
Fix(db/content.go): Quickfix for broken content search (accidently
messed up last commit -- didn't test it).
Chore(pagination): Renaming Last to Before for pagination in
anticipation for After addition.
Feat(TODO+.build.yml): More TODOs. Only deploy if current ref is latest
on branch.
Fix(iter, hooks): Fixing iterators for contenttype and hook. Improving
paging for sending webhooks. Fixing update with nested select locking
tables and timing out when ref and ref list types are updated on a
Feat(content search): Pagination for content search complete. Fix up
rest of pagination. Better queries + tmp tables for per contenttype
content searches.
Feat(pagination): Refactor pagination to operate on before rather than
Feat(makefile): Improving makefile for BSD.
Fix(cache/db): Space update was not commit'ing transaction.
Feat(space): Space update complete.
Fix(ref clear+modal scroll): Fixing css on nested modal scroll dismisal.
Improving clear button behavior on ref list.
Fix(cache): Break cache on content under contenttype when contenttype is
Fix(db/content.go): Allow zero'd ref values in content create/update.
Also, vendor update.
Fix(cache break): When a contenttype is deleted break cache for all
content that was referring to content under deleted contenttype.
Fix(ref+ref list): Fix UI for ref and ref list to use bootstrap.
Fix(cache): When ref'd items are updates, break cache of referers.
Fix(ct update): Fixing bugs in CT update routine.
WIP(html+css): Refactor.
Fix(space.html): Moving copy form.
Fix(space): Copy space: fix for reference types.