TMP(c/user/user.go): Adding temp Chief signups. TODO: Remove.
Fix(testing): Refactor'd tests per RBAC feat breakage. All tests
Chore(Error2 -> Error): Swapped Error impl. for Error2 in all
Feat(invites and roles): Users can now set roles while inviting others.
Fix(go.mod/vendor): Attempting to fix vendoring for deploys.
WIP(rbac): Decorator object complete. TODO: Specify role in invite.
Allow admin to change other user's roles.
WIP(rbac): Large DB interface refactor. Prep for rbac work. TODO: All
tests have broke. Fix them.
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~evanj/cms
WIP(rbac): Initial model comment for RBAC feat.
Fix(db/invite): Don't query for expired invites when select'ing list of
Feat(invite): Adding invite feature.
Merge branch 'tmp'
Fix(mock): Mock update for c/user.
Fix(index.html): Screen readers bad label fix.
Feat(password): Password update on billing page.
Fix(testing): Refactor controller tests for new space and user
WIP(testing): Step one of fixing broken tests.
Fix(Org): Rework how org is pulled.
WIP(Stripe downgrade): Work in progress commit. See TODO file. Need to
warn user on dangerous actions such as downgrade.