ref: 8efa6eb4fd1aad49d40bb3850530c531add998da cms/vendor/modules.txt -rw-r--r-- 1.5 KiB
WIP(c/space): Adding testing for space controller. Happy path is
Chore(deps): Update dependencies.
Feat(go.mod): Dependency cleanup. Removed some.
Feat(content search): Pagination for content search complete. Fix up
rest of pagination. Better queries + tmp tables for per contenttype
content searches.
Fix(db/content.go): Allow zero'd ref values in content create/update.
Also, vendor update.
Feat(spaces): Added the ability to copy an entire space.
Chore(printf+mod): Go vet fix and whatever changed in go.mod.
Feat(webhooks): Webhooks have been added.
Feat(cache): Adding more cache; cache for contenttype and space.
WIP(*): Project init.
WIP(*): Project init.
Feat(*): Project init.