ref: 8efa6eb4fd1aad49d40bb3850530c531add998da cms/makefile -rw-r--r-- 1.0 KiB
Feat(c/hook): Testing complete for hook controller. 100%.
Fix(c/space): Test coverage was whacked out over t.Run usage.
Feat(c/space): Adding more testing for space. Removing old/stale tests
(db and content).
Chore(deps): Update dependencies.
Feat(pagination): Refactor pagination to operate on before rather than
Feat(makefile): Improving makefile for BSD.
Fix(db_test): Adding more DB integration tests. Fixed content delete bug
causing data loss.
WIP(reference list): Getting closer to completing ref list impl.
WIP(Reference): Reference type almost complete.
Feat(cache): Adding more cache; cache for contenttype and space.
Feat(updating+json): Updating contents works. Can now deliver json
responses as well.
WIP(*): Project init.
Feat(*): Project init.