ref: 7c487cb4cca6290eae5f854300d6e9c78f81ea25 cms/internal/v/html/_header.html -rw-r--r-- 3.4 KiB
Feat(dynamic): Dynamic content pages have been added (rather than
hardcoded HTML. This is Skipper dog fooding itself (I.E. Skipper
now makes requests to itself to pull content for these dynamic pages).
This commit also adds initial support for an "official" Skipper Go API.
This is nice as the API satisfies interfaces Skipper itself uses
internally (E.G. m/content, m/value).
Feat(invite): Adding invite feature.
Merge branch 'tmp'
Feat(email+upgrade): MVP support for user emails (after signup) and
upgrading subscription.
Feat(Big): Added a few things here...

* MVP stripe integration (new controller/server).
* Moved tmpl to views (package v).
* Added ability to create migrations.
* Added first migration. Remove user_to_space in favor of org table.
Feat(footer+logo): Updating HTML.
Feat(c/*+landing): Landing page additions for payment options in the
future + refactoring all controllers to DI base controller.
Feat(c/space): Adding more testing for space. Removing old/stale tests
(db and content).
WIP(doc): Adding a documentation page. Only Spaces API complete so far.
Feat(space): Space update complete.
Feat(bootstrap 5): Refactor to bootstrap 5, various styling bugs.
WIP(hook): Redesign for hooks.
WIP(content): Content page styling update.
WIP(html+css): Refactor.
WIP(html/css): Refactor of HTML/CSS. Using Bootstrap.
Feat(contenttype): Content Types can now be updated.
FIX(webhooks): Fixing body send of webhooks.
WIP(Reference): Reference type almost complete.